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Northampton Residents Support Township-Wide Network of Trails and Safe Bicycle Lanes 

These trails and bike lanes allow many more township residents to enjoy local biking and hiking with many more benefits than a rail trail:

  •  closer to more residents and businesses; no porta potties needed

  •  no loading bikes onto cars; no neighborhood parking lots needed

  •  more options to reduce boredom and repetition 

  •  supports merchants in both Richboro and Holland

  •  utilizes existing infrastructure

  •  easier to police and maintain

  •  less cost to taxpayers

Residents who have opposed a rail trail project support this plan which:

  • starts and ends at the same places as the proposed rail trail 

  • connects with the same regional trails as the proposed rail trail

  • does not harm local homeowners, wildlife, or animal habitats !!

  • is permanent, unlike the proposed rail trail which is leased temporarily and can be reclaimed by SEPTA at any time  

  • saves tax payers 8 million dollars on construction which could be undone by SEPTA at any time


See the map below along with a description of the various routes.

A/B:  From "Rail Trail" in Tamanend Park in Upper Southampton, along Mill Creek Trail in Holland to Neshaminy Creek Trail, to "Rail Trail" in Newtown

C: From "Rail Trail" in Tamanend Park in Upper Southampton, along Second Street Pike into Richboro, to Neshaminy Creek Trail, to "Rail Trail" in Newtown, via Tyler Park trails.

D: Trails are approved and awaiting construction from Tyler Park into Newtown

E: Trails along Council Rock South High School to Richboro Road into Tyler Park and Newtown; through Hampton Estates; being negotiated with local residents to keep trails away from their homes 

F: Bike Lanes in Upper Holland/Middle Holland Roads, connecting into Newtown and Neshaminy Creek Trail

G: Township Road in Richboro connecting to Upper Holland and Civic Center/Tyler Park to Neshaminy Creek Trail

H: Tanyard/Bustleton in Richboro connecting Second Streek Pike to Upper Holland Road

I: Buck Road in Holland connecting to Neshaminy Creek Trail into Newtown; in Holland Village Plan

J: New Road, connecting to Municipal Park in Ivyland into Warminster Community Park Trails


Neighbors of the Newtown Rail Line support these trails and bike lanes: 

The neighbors of Churchville and Holland support these trails and bike lanes and are asking all of Northampton Township for the same support given to other residents in combatting disruptive projects and actions which would change the character of their neighborhoods. We stand/stood united against the expansion of trails adjacent to homes near the Nature Center (2006) and near Hampton Estates (2018),  limiting the cutting of trees at Spring Mill (2018), preserving the Northampton Golf Course to reduce the number of people and traffic (2018), disallowing the change of zoning to prevent town homes from being built at Bucks County Rose on Buck Road due to population and traffic (2018),  the closing of Rolling Hills Elementary and Richboro Middle Schools, big box stores in Richboro, telephone pole mounted mini cell nodes in residents’ front yards, loud truck brake retarders (jake brakes) on our roads, the future expansion of bridges to accommodate trucks through residential neighborhoods, lowering of speed limits to 35 MPH on Almshouse, Elm, Upper Holland, Lower Holland, and East Holland Roads, the prevention of marijuana dispensaries in our shopping districts, zoning transient housing to certain commercial areas, illegal lights in our parks, a riparian buffer zone that included trails for adjacent homeowners near our local streams (2004), not imposing sidewalks on residents in new developments, and this controversial SEPTA rail trail (2002, 2012 & 2016), honoring the Regency and Newtown Crossing neighborhoods who didn't want a public trail nearby and didn't get it.   There is no compelling reason to change the quality of this Holland neighborhood while all of these new and existing trail options are available. 

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